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Our story

Just a little bit about Ocean Love

Ocean Love Shop stocks an exciting range of products for the Ocean Lover from around the world!

Ocean Love loves anything ocean and do our best to protect, respect, and love the ocean. Products are eco-friendly & sustainable.

Our range of Ocean Love costumes and accessories are sourced and made with the environment in mind.

Join our ocean-loving tribe – we want to make more of a difference to the world… join our tribe to find out more!

More about our story

Beach and ocean lovers unite around the world in a fight to save the planet from plastic! 

Awareness is all we need to start educating the masses on the destruction being caused around the world. 

Our accessories and costumes contain minimal plastic and are made from environmentally friendly, reusable fabrics, wooden and coconut beads with natural fibres. 

I am a life enthusiast who lives and breathes everything “ocean”! I try to make the world a better place in everything that I do.
Juliette Ball
Founder, Owner


Owner & Founder

I'm Julz - the visionary & founder of Ocean Love! I have loved everything ocean since I was a little tot! I have been known as a mermaid while living in Cape Town. Ocean Love started out as an Events company, organising open water swimming / SUP / SUP surfing events in Cape Town and has grown into something so much more!

"Ocean Love’s vision is to have a global network of locations in every major coastal city, offering access to healthy ocean sports, education on healthy living and environmental awareness, and retail outlets for healthy foods and ecofriendly apparel."

I live life to the fullest, I am passionate, loving, kind and love to be a super positive energy to be around. I adore travel and meeting other cultures and many Ocean Love Shop items are internationally inspired.

Most importantly is my love for saving the seas, and educating the masses on the war on plastic. It all started with education. Read more on our Our Ocean page!


Social Media Manager

I’m Havanna in charge of social here at Ocean Love. As much as I love pretty pictures and lovely words, saving our earth - especially our seas - means the most to me.

The ocean has been a constant throughout my life, so many memories are filled with sand and salt. Growing up walking distance from the beach has been one of my biggest blessings; but being close to this means I am aware of the distreatment our oceans and beaches receive. This is why I am a committed Ocean Love ambassador, it's my way of making a difference.

I hope that one day when my own company is up and running, I’m able to contribute on a bigger scale than just a little old me can do at the moment. My plan is to bring awareness to the devastations of our planet and how humans are responsible for these horrors; to take action and make a difference for this earth.

The oceans are just the beginning.

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